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  1. General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    Hello there, i’ve purchased an aprilia px 125cc (year) 2002. And i was pretty happy with the bike, but something started to worrying me about the acceleration and the toppseed of 100km/h. I was able to top it to 100km/h without any problem when i bought it. But then when i had my heavy friend...
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  7. Member Classifieds
    looking for a 2005 yz 250 2-stroke frame, i would really prefer a 2006 or newer but would accept a 2005. call/text 631 294 0994.thanks -rob
  8. Motorcycles
    50cc Aprilia RX 2stroke Bogs out at junctions or when in neutral it dosent tick over it also wont take the kickstart it has to be bumped. Could this be due to that its running a too oily mixture of petrol:oil
1-8 of 9 Results