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  1. In depth Tech
    Hello, guys. I've created a Premix calculator 2-stroke engine. It's available here Premix calculator for 2-stroke engine in optimal fuel mix ratio. It should help our community to calculate premix for our 2stroke machines easily :) Any ideas on how to improve the tool is very welcomed :) thanks!
  2. Custom 2-Stroke
    Good Day Thrill Seekers Hope everyone is well. please assist I have a Yfz 450 frame with all the upgraded extras you can mention except the engine, gearbox and wheels. I have a fully running blaster 200cc stock engine. I’m looking to fit the blaster engine into the YFZ frame but I want to fully...
  3. New Classifieds
    Barely riden super rare. 2008 kymco super 9s liquid cooled. Only 1200kms. Jettted, carbed and Technigas exhaust. Easily hits 100kmh. No paperwork but creative folks will know how to get this registered. I have bill of sale and photocopy of last registration just didn't get it registered in...
    $123 CAD
  4. Introductions
    Hi, I recently rebuilt the bottom end of my 2001 Polaris scramble and it’s been running fine until I heard this godawful clacking, rattling sound. I heard it the loudest starting up and idling but once I gave it throttle it went away. When I took off the pull cord cover, the flywheel bolt was...
  5. New Classifieds
    Get your I Luv Banshee and I Luv 2 Strokes T-shirts for sale in various colors. check out our online store a www.bansheeapparel.net/
  6. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    I just bought a 98 kx 125 a week ago. It is slowly leaking oil from some where and is dripping onto the bottom of my frame and then onto the ground. It doesnt leak alot right away but after sitting for a couple of days the puddle got pretty big. also it is kind of green. Does anyone have any...
  7. In depth Tech
    O.K. one more stupid question! Everyone is telling me different 2 stroke ratios. Ive heard everything from 50:1 to 25:1 What do you think for a 97 Kawasaki KX250
1-7 of 10 Results