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  1. 1985 Suzuki LTF250EF Service Manual Wanted

    Hi, Looking for a Service Manual in pdf to download. No E-Bay, BikeBandit or the like. Thank You. Much Appreciated.
  2. 86 LT250R, parts info, and tuning recommendations

    Suzuki LT250
    I just bought this 1986 Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer and had some questions: 1. It has a Richter silencer, anyone have any experience with it? 2. It has a Bills Pipe, anyone have experience with it? 3. It also has Boyesen reeds and UNI filter Now for the fun stuff, baseline jetting...
  3. For Sale 85 honda 250r atc

    New Classifieds
    I have an all original 85 honda 250r that i'm in need of selling. I hate to get rid of this atc but i need some extra money and have to get rid of some toys. It is as original as you will find one. It runs perfect and only has about 9 hours on rebuilt engine. The gas tank is a lil faded and...