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  1. 1986 kx125 water pump issue

    Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    So the issue at hand... the "water pump comp-shaft gear" ( gear located at the back end of the impeller shaft) happened to be straight broke in half when I bought the bike. there was no located remains of it in the case, so the previous owner must've already known the problem and failed to tell...
  2. 87 cr125

    Honda Dirtbikes
    Hi so I'm rebuilding my 87 cr125 engine and I don't have the spring or a arm peace for the powervalve. I know dg and fmf make a pipe for the bike but do they bypass the atac system like the old ones? Or are they the same pipe? If those aren't around anymore does anybody have those two parts? I'm...
  3. Cagiva WMX 125 1986 Clutch Problems need help

    My Cagiva 125's clutch wont disengage. The bike itself was sitting in the harsh Florida weather for some time, and I have heard that the clutch is really strong but it will stick if left outside. This brings me back to my problem we have heard that playing with the clutch in first gear will help...
  4. Kx 125 leaking oil slowly

    Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    I just bought a 98 kx 125 a week ago. It is slowly leaking oil from some where and is dripping onto the bottom of my frame and then onto the ground. It doesnt leak alot right away but after sitting for a couple of days the puddle got pretty big. also it is kind of green. Does anyone have any...