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As of now i am just waiting on my motor to return from it's rebuild. I sent my motor 1050 miles to flattrack to have him rebuild my motor.(07-07-05)

Freshly rebuilt motor(Soon to be finished) done by Flattrack

All new clutch components: clutch lever, cable, clutch cable mount, clutch arm, ebc clutch, and henson clutch basket

took off twiste throttle and replaced with oem thumb throttle

net top end

new water pump

new Banshee lug nuts and exhaust springs(the secret to it's speed)

new sprockets, and chains

new chain slider

new bumper

tons of new bolts and screws

Keihin PWK 35mm airstriker

Clamp on K&N with precharger

Paul Turner pipe

DG silencer

DG Nerfs

130watt Ricky Stator

Nokya 100/90w bulb

Custom Seat

Replaced swingarm bearings

Power washed blue spraypaint off of rims

cut rear fender supports off of grab bar

custom zip tie job to keep the kick stater out of the plastic

planning on cutting the plastic, repainting the nerf bars, changing the reeds, and getting a port job

i would like to chrome as many parts on the bike as i can

I would like to buy a FTZ pipe

i would like to replace all tires, dirt and sand


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